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Open Chance was founded in 2001, by Dr. Helal Farghaly and Hadir Helal. Open Chance is an integrated law firm specializing in all legal fields, with a distinctive way of thinking and working, aiming to deliver high quality legal services consistently across multiple jurisdictions and business environment. Our approach is to help achieve our clients objectives in the most efficient and effective way, through the extent of our global reach along with the quality of our collaborative staff and business partners. We listen carefully before offering opinions, understanding your business objectives and legal issues in detail.

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Target Customers : B2B and B2C Purposes : Residential , Commercial , Administrative , Industrial , Medical

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Address : 11 Mostafa Mosharafa Street,, Cairo, Egypt Phone : 01222171405Email : info@openchancelaw.comWebsite : https://www.openchancelaw.com/