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Comfort360 Real Estate Appraisal and Consultancy, headquartered at 1/1 El Laselky St., intersection of El Nasr St., New Maadi, Cairo, Egypt, has the honor to provide all documented and approved real estate appraisal within the Arab Republic of Egypt and all services related to real estate consultancy related to the business sector / holding companies / public sector companies / Professional syndicates / international companies / private sector / factories / clubs / banks / organizations / embassies / individuals, especially documented real estate appraisal reports, whether sale or rent, as well as estimating the value of the annual usufruct of any real estate or any technical advice or technical inspection reports for real estate or lands, and that After determining the market value of the sale/rent/annual usufruct after conducting all kinds of economic feasibility studies (financial, financing, technical, studying the environmental impact of the industry or population areas) and preparing approved reports to be submitted to those authorities. These reports are prepared by the Comfort Company for appraisal and real estate consultancy and valuation of real estate assets, whether by sale, annual rent, annual usufruct or for a certain number of years according to the customer’s desire, through its work team, which enjoys the highest levels of efficiency and impartiality necessary, and beneficiaries of available resources Ours represented in the efficiency of our advisory team, which includes a selection of qualified consultants and real estate experts listed, whether in the General Authority for Financial Supervision or experts registered with the Central Bank of Egypt in all technical disciplines. It was built through our evaluation experience and through the collection of data and statistics issued by official and non-official bodies and the laws in force within the Arab Republic of Egypt, which gives residents and consultants the capacity to carry out their tasks to the fullest and also through the Egyptian real estate stock exchange, which was established by the Comfort360 real estate appraisal company of all kinds based on the rules Data about the operations Evaluation of all types of notaries that took place from the establishment of the real estate appraisal profession in 2003 to date. The company is working to update its database continuously in order to maintain the quality of the performance of the service provided, and performance evaluation reports are made by our clients to whom we offer these services so that the performance is reviewed from time to time. Our services in real estate appraisal and consultancy work for more than 40 years in the Egyptian real estate market. There is a diversity of the quality of services provided and we use the latest technological means to keep pace with the tremendous development that is happening in the whole world. We have dealt with the business sector represented by holding companies or real estate asset management companies and construction and reconstruction companies, as well as several government banks and banks Private sector, real estate finance companies and others. Comfort360 real estate appraisal and consultancy was honored to have dealt with major international transcontinental companies, which have branches all over the world through regional offices in each continent. And North Africa, including, for example, ((The United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Egypt, Lebanon, Bahrain)). As a Comfort360 company, we represent and cover the entire Arab country of Egypt and deal with those large international entities such as Petrocutter & Gamble, General Electric, The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Philips, Caterpillar Company, IBM Information Technology, and other large international companies that have large investments in the Egyptian market and need a sale or rental evaluation or an estimate of the value of the annual usufruct or for a number of years, or real estate consultancy or reports To serve its branches and employees inside the Arab Republic of Egypt, and attached to you is a list of the names of those companies, the name of the clients with whom the service was contracted or provided, and their local/international telephone numbers. The e-mail, the address of the property and its type, which has been evaluated to be a reference and a precedent for our work in this field.

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Target Customers : B2B and B2C Purposes : Residential , Commercial , Administrative , Industrial , Medical , Entertainment , Sportive , Hotel , Logistics , Mixed Use

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Address : Lasilkey Street Building 1/1 Corner EL-Nasr Road, New Maadi, Cairo, Egypt Phone : 01001407375Email : khaled@comfort360.netWebsite : www.comfort360.net